Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cell culture is an innovative and sustainable technology that uses undifferentiated cells obtained from flower areas such as buds and root tips. Thanks to this innovative technology, stem cells extract is characterised by a defined and reproducible composition enriched in leontopodic acid. Due to this powerful substance, protects against oxidative stress (air pollution, UV radiation) and recreates skin tension by restoring the mitochondrial dynamism.

In vivo tests on 34 volunteers 41-70 years old, with visible signs of ageing, proved that use of a cream containing 2% of Edelweiss stem cells, applied twice daily, in just 3 weeks reduces the sagging surface of the skin up to -56% and smooths the cow’s feet wrinkles up to -16.8% as wrinkle surface, up to -10% as wrinkle depth and up to -9.1% as general skin roughness.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties protect from photo-ageing, promotes collagenesis and protects extracellular skin’s matrix.