Benefits & Key Ingredients

Firming, Lifting & Smoothing
Anti-wrinkle, Anti-oxidant, Anti-stress
Hydration, Elasticity, Moisturizing
Radiance, Redness Reduction, Anti-Inflammatory
Dark Cycles & Puffy Eyes

The Exclusive Crocus Complex

The Heart of Collector

Collector’s scientific team, fascinated by the amazing prospects of the exclusive Crocus Complex to generate and thrive, has embodied Crocus’s most precious and pure nutrients in a multi-tasking formula that treats your skin with the respect it deserves with great emphasis on antioxidant action.

Unique Process | Handmade

The secret “lies” on the combination of the carefully selected elegant active elements and on the way they are handily treated and blended in the formula, a handmade practice that demands small scale production.

Rare, innovative, biotechnological active ingredients, plant stem-cells and Organic Oils, all unique natural ingredients optimising cellular performance, combined for the very first time with sophistication and precision in an integrated Anti-Aging system, aiming in revitalizing and perfecting skin’s appearance.

Our most advanced and luxurious line is the ultimate solution in the anti-aging skincare.

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