Natural & Organic Blends

Organic Hamamelis: Toner, Anti Inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, soothing. Prevent and Treat Acne. Also known as Witch hazel, it does an excellent job of removing the dirt and oils from your skin. But, it goes a step further and balances your skin’s oil production. It closes the pores, reduces irritation and tones the skin. 

Organic Gingko Biloba: one of the oldest trees on the planet, highly concentrated with flavonoids and terpenoids, such as ginkgolides and bilobalides, gingko biloba extract is considered to be one of the most advantageous cosmetic ingredients for skin care. Antioxidant protection, skin-soothing effects, increased skinhydration, and significant anti-aging defense.

Organic Aloe Vera: An ancient herbal remedy that has stood the test of time. Aloe vera extract possesses a wide variety of valuable vitamin constituents, such as vitamin A, B, C, and E, that altogether contribute skincare benefits, including antioxidant protection, moisturizing, and skin-soothing properties.

Organic Beeswax: It creates a protective film on the skin, locking-in moisturization and providing softness.

Organic Calendula: rich in compounds such as terpenoids, carotenoids, flavonoids, and volatile oils. Antioxidant, anti-aging and moisturizing properties.

Organic Chamomile: Soothing and calming even the problematic skin