Silibum Marianum | Milk Thistle

Mixture of carnosine, tocopherol and silivine from milk thistle that acts against glycation, the basic process of aging, while it protects from photo-aging and free radicals. A cosmetic alternative to Botox. In-vivo test. 

Carnosine | It is a di-peptide to prevent the cross-linking and stiffening of collagen by glycation. It reacts very quickly with reducing sugar molecules and malondialdehyde. As it counteracts the stiffening of the skin proteins it relaxes the connective tissue, smoothes expression lines and rejuvenates. Carnosine is an endogenous anti-aging factor.

Silymarin |It is the major active substance of milk thistle, a flowering plant of the daisy family. Silymarin from milk thistle and tocopherols are oil soluble antioxidants which prevent pre-mature skin aging. They protect the skin against oxidative stress,
an important step in protein glycation.

Tocopherol | See Tocopherol